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Author Topic: 100th Anniversary of Transatlantic Tests: Special event station using a 1921 rep  (Read 1078 times)

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From The ARRL Letter for December 9, 2021
Also on the same date and slightly overlapping, see: https://www.radioclubofamerica.org/transatlantic-test-centennial

In a separate event on December 12 at 0252 UTC, The Radio Club of America's W2RCA will make a one-way transmission on 1825 kHz at 12 WPM CW, from Connecticut. RCA members constructed the original transmitter and "shack" used in Connecticut for the successful transatlantic transmissions. In addition to the original 1921 message, a new message will be transmitted that looks ahead to the next 100 years. Those who copy the message qualify for a certificate. -- Thanks to Mark Erdle, AE2EA, Antique Wireless Association, and to the Radio Club of America

AND: ARRL and the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) have assembled a list of stations and groups that are organizing events and activities to celebrate 100 years of amateur radio transatlantic communication. Visit http://www.arrl.org/transatlantic and https://rsgb.org/transatlantic-tests. The sites also include links to many previously published articles and presentations covering the historic tests.
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