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Author Topic: Asian Fishing Fleet Chatter 29.875 MHz FM 29875 kHz FM 19 May 2023  (Read 66 times)

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Via the UK based RaspSDR G8JNJ SDR.

Time: 1350 UTC.  Frequency: 29.8750 MHz FM.  Asian fishery radio chatter 29.8750 FM Fishery radio marine radiotelephone fishing boat radio FM 480channel 480CH 480 channel FT-801 fishery radio fishing boat radio VHF low band 31.1 MHz 31.125MHz FM 27.750 MHz FM 27.975MHz 28.000 MHz FM UNID

Strong Asian language chatter on 29.875MHz FM 29.8750 FM [CSQ] 29875 kHz FM.  Previously monitored active on this frequency, among many others.  29.775 MHz, 29.800 MHz, 29.825 MHz, 29.975 MHz, 30.000 MHz, 30.100 MHz, 30.225 MHz, 30.300 MHz, 30.750 MHz, 30.775 MHz, 30.800 MHz, 31.000 MHz, 31.025 MHz, 31.050 MHz, 31.075 MHz, 31.100 MHz and several others.  Usually 31.1 MHz FM is the busiest. 

These radios have proliferated worldwide.  480 channels, 27.500 MHz FM to 39.475 MHz FM.  25 watt power output.

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