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Author Topic: Experimental Station WI2XLQ will recreate 1906 Fessenden transmissions again?  (Read 1232 times)

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I was asked, yet another weird question, of how I would like to be buried, when I finally bite the big one. The answer was actually pretty easy. Face-down, like a certain historical figure in the late 1980's, (I will not mention who, but some of you will get it, and that's enough.) Why??? It would be a burial that will satisfy everyone: (1) My enemies will say that it will show me where to go. (2) On the same point, I can have my enemies kiss my butt. (3) It will temporarily give someone a place to park a bicycle. See??? A WIN / WIN for everyone.

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I can see the carrier here (at Dec 25 2021 UTC 0320), but no audio.

Tried a AFE822x with Wellbrook ALA-1530S+ and Yaesu FT-847 with a pair of Bonito Boni-Whip antennas into a Quantum Phaser.
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Hey All,

Some years  back I tried for this one a couple of times. Never any luck.

I have visited the Fesseden site and got a few shards of the original tower insulators (FWIW).

I've always been fascinated  with Fesseden in general and the  Christmas / New Year's 1906 "broadcast" in particular.

Station main receiver : Bed springs to  blue razor blade detector to 2000 ohm cans to steam  radiator. Grid FN 42

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This is a a repost of what I posted in Longwave Loggings:

1906 Fessenden Transmissions WI2XLQ, 486 kHz, 0440, 01jan22 UTC
on: January 01, 2022, 0522 UTC

I've been listening to this station for a while using Chris' KiwiSDR with the 500' beverage pointed toward Europe.
However reception is very good, mostly 59, in spite of much QRN and  the station being kinda off the back of the antenna.
0440 - 0515 Tuned in and listened to a loop consisting of: "O Holy Night" (on violin, I assume), a YL ID and OM description
            of transmission, and short reading from the Bible.

Thanks for this transmission OM and also a big thanks to Chris for providing the KiwiSDR.
SDR-IQ / IC-R70 / IC-735 / FT-817ND / FT-991A, RSPduo,5 band vertical
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