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AD149 Radio 6934.88 AM 0256 UTC 25 Dec 2021


Poor signal from Masset in AM playing music.  Don't see this listed so far on HFU.  Anyone else hearing it?
Fair signal rechecking at 02:56 playing:  Fusilados por la Cruz Roja    So wonder if it's a Latin American pirate? (same question about 6964.877)
Mi Perro Dinamita at 03:03 UTC.  No announcement between music.  Tarea Fina at 03:12 UTC.   Queso Ruso at 03:28.  I'd love a QSL from the OP if possible!    ****I tried an Argentinian KiwiSDR and sure enough there was a strong signal on 6935, but with an OC.  Both my station and the Argentinian Kiwi signed off at just before 03:03, so perhaps a LA Pirate?*****  Just dead air for the last minute or two.    This must be AD149 AM from Argentina, it seems....

I was listening for a couple hours.
The first hour or so was Christmas songs in English which made me wonder if AD.
Second hour was the music you mentioned.
I also tuned in at the SA kiwi to verify.
Was hopin for an ID or end of bdcast sstv image, neither happened.



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