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Author Topic: Possible V22 numbers station, 19260 kHz, USB  (Read 1564 times)

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Possible V22 numbers station, 19260 kHz, USB
« on: December 25, 2012, 1746 UTC »
Hello all, and Seasons Greetings,

Heard what is very possibly the V22 Chinese numbers station (might also be V25 I suppose) on 19260 kHz, USB, Dec 25, 2012, at 0211 and 0235 UTC.  nickcarr heard it first and called it out in the #wunclub chat.  I could only hear it via a remote located in Japan, there was no sign of it here locally.

Both V22 and V25 (and V16) are numbers stations using a YL (female) voice, in Chinese, repeating numbers or a message (depending on if it is a null or a real message).

The 0211 UTC transmission appears to have been a repeat of one that started right after 0200 UTC.  I heard part of the 0200 UTC transmission but my recording of that one did not come out, too many knobs and I had the wrong record volume turned up.  When the signal came back up at 0210 I did get a recording of it.  It sounds essentially identical to the V22 example on the Numbers and Oddities web site.  This appears to be a null message.

At 0235 UTC I heard another transmission on the same frequency.  It apparently started before I heard it (possibly about 0230z) and I missed the callup, my recording starts in the message.  The format was 4F R2 (4 figure groups, each repeated twice).  This sounds to me like V25.

Recordings here:

I will be changing the recording locations later, will be moving them to YouTube as that is where I am keeping most of my recordings for public access over the long haul.  More people seem to have access to that than some of the other options.  When I get the video made I will add it to this post.

As I said, the 0211 UTC message sounded like the V22 example on Numbers and Oddities.  But, in my opinion, the 0235 UTC sounded like the description of V25 in the ECL.  I have to wonder if they are not the same station, or at least similar.

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Re: Possible V22 numbers station, 19260 kHz, USB
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2012, 2027 UTC »
Very cool.  Excellent catch.

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