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Radio Cidades 10230 AM 2125 UTC 14 Apr 2022


Ray Lalleu:
on 10230. 05 appprox.   (unsteady typical carrier)    direct in Europe
2125 pop, 2127 next, 2130 disco Patrick Hernandez (I think),
2138 jazz singer  etc..  2147

TRI International:
2136 UTC song "You can do magic"
2138 UTC song "Take five (edit version)
2201 UTC song "U feel 4 U"
2203 UTC Om talking then the song  shazaam can't id"
2210 UTC song by Yl shazam can't id"
2214 UTC song "I still haven't found what I'm looking for"
2217 UTC song "Ai no corrida"
2221 UTC OM talking ?? then the song "So high"
2227 UTC song "Solid"
2236 UTC song "Spirits in the material world"

SINPO is 5/4/4/4/4 via Brasilia, BRAZIL SDR  ;D


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