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Radio Cidades presumed 10220 AM 2309 UTC 22 APR 2022


2309 UTC Hearing weak music directly followed by an OM talking in Portuguese
2327 UTC Instrumental song now and the best signal I've had yet!
2329 UTC Unid song OM singer
2333 UTC "The Logical Song"-Supertramp
2337 UTC "Tequila"-The Champs
2340 UTC "House of The Rising Sun"-Animals (signal is at or just above the noise floor)
2344 UTC Unid song OM singer
2348 UTC OM talking now

(Thanks to a tip in the Discord chat from Marcy!)

Here's my recording of direct reception from 2311-2350 UTC. Some nice peaks after 2333 UTC.

TRI International:
2344 UTC Hearing music
2353 UTC Om talking ??
0002 UTC music (rock type ??)
0006 UTC Om talking then music
0013 UTC song "Merci Cherie"
0016 UTC song" Forms of life" Jean-Luc Ponmty
0018 UTC song "My reason"
0021 UTC song "Song for Anna" - Paul Mauriat
0024 UTC song "Sacred moment" - Spyre
0027 UTC song shazam id in another language: ( another instrumental)
0030 UTC song "Dolannes Melodie" Jean Claude Borelly
0033 UTC song Merci Cherie" - Franck Pourcel ( no talking or id's, all instrumental songs)

SINPO is 5/5/5/5/5 via Brasilia, BRAZIL SDR

Dr. Strangelove:
Down in the noise here.  Tough copy.

Ray Lalleu:
on 10220 approx.,  bad carrier
0145 music, 0148 "Karma chameleon", 0152 "I put a spell on you",
0156 CCR "Bad moon rising", 0159 "Sweet dreams", 0202 ""My sweet lord",
0206 talking (no copy)

Getting a weak signal into Masset, BC at 03:00 UTC.  A pretty noisy band tonight.  Where on earth are they located?


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