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Author Topic: WEHM 92.9/96.9 FM WRLY relay 6949.8 AM 1712 utc 25 Apr 2022  (Read 521 times)

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Thanks for exact frequency, Skippy

1712 Faint music, some peaks over noise....OM talking but can not decipher, maybe English accent
1713 English accent YL talking
1719 Deep in noise now
1721 Acoustic guitar music
1723 92.9, and another frequency that went into noise, EHU? ID, must be a relay
1725 More music
1729 EHM ID....thus WEHM 92.9 FM Manorville, NY, I think EHM stands for East Hampton, way out east on Long Island
Hello Flexo - It's your job to ID, I can't be doing both.  There's no I in DXing, oh wait there is  ;D
1734 SSTV
1736 Dropped further into noise after SSTV but faint music
1741 Coming out of noise but not clear enough to ID music
1744 Deep in noise again
1756 Reception just went way up, almost as good as original FM...."These Are The Days" 10,000 maniacs
1759 Back down into noise again
1804 "Rock & Roll" The Velvet Underground - better on FM than AM (Fair Reception now)

Another good program on FM now from LI - "The Afternoon Ramble" 1700-2000 utc with Brian Cosgrove on WLIW 88.3
I can pickup WEHM 92.9 on FM here straight across the Sound.  Identical transmissions, by process of elimination - the other frequency would be 96.9 (actually WEHN) which is received better at my qth.  Hmmmmm........WRLY stand for Relay, perhaps?
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WEHM FM via WRLY 6950 AM 1712 utc 25 Apr 2022
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2022, 1728 UTC »
1726 UTC Unid C&W/Folk tune (S7 peaks with moderate fading amidst high noise on the band)
(I have it on 6949.8ish AM)
1729 UTC OM with ID as WEHN FM Radio, into another unid tune (I believe the ID could also be WEHM)
(WEHM FM it is! Matches the online stream from the website)
I was slow on turning the SSTV app! Got some of it though....THANKS! Looks like WRLY?

Signal has dropped down to right at the noise floor  :(
1747 UTC "Can't Find My Way Home"-Blind Faith Live?  :) (Signal jumped up to S8....sounding good!)
1756 UTC OM with ID WEHM FM....
1804 UTC "Rock N Roll"-Velvet Underground (Great tune!)
1807 UTC Deep fade into the noise
Gotta run a quick errand.....stocking up on some Powerball tickets for tonight drawing...leaving recorder and SSTV app running!
1821 UTC Checking back on the recording and an unid song OM singer ends, into SSTV, then OFF at 1823 UTC

Here's my recording of the above reception....Thank you for the show and thanks for the SSTV ID WRLY!  8)
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Re: Unid 6950 AM 1712 utc 25 Apr 2022
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2022, 1728 UTC »
1725 Nice mellow tune playing, Signal up and down, nice at pks. Hello CTYankee
1729 OM talking on fade, maybe an ID in there.
Glad you guys caught ID.  :)
1733 SSTV that I wasn't ready for.  :-\ I guess I am
slacking today.  ;)
1742 Quick SSTV, not sure of mode.
1747 Poor rx here now also. I'll check back after my visit to Smilow.
1754 One last check before I leave the house and it is S9!
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