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Author Topic: Corsette & Corsair PCB's on ebay  (Read 126 times)

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Corsette & Corsair PCB's on ebay
« on: May 07, 2022, 1354 UTC »
Apologies admin if not allowed - please remove the post if the case.

For thoses who wanted to try and build a AM transmitter or wanted to try a Corsette & Corsair from scratch. I have a limited number of  PCB's made up as the first batch of Corsairs all sold quickly.

The Corsette is a QRP version (upto >500mW) - First batch, ideal for total newbie or good for listening to music on a SW vintage radio.
The Corsair - 10watt version
6Khz limiter/compressor - great for both the above or ideal for any AM Part15 transmitter to improve your audio.

They are listed on ebay as I know some don't link buy off forums.

Just go to ebay.co.uk and type the following numbers in:

eBay item number: 203943118508 - White Corsair PCB
eBay item number: 203943133152 - Black Corsair PCB
eBay item number: 203943188945 - Corsette PCB
eBay item number: 203943136560 - 6KHz Limiter

Happy to ship overseas

Please don't ask for the gerbers files as refusal often offends....

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Re: Corsette & Corsair PCB's on ebay
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2022, 0252 UTC »
Might want to recheck the overseas shipping, at least to Canada.

Corsair AM broadcast transmitter PCB: GBP 17.00 (Approx US $21.00) plus GBP 24.82 (approx US $30.66) shipping plus Import charges: 6.06 (amount confirmed at checkout).

6KHz Limiter/Compressor PCB: GBP 14.00 approx US $17.29 plus GBP 66.77 (approx US $82.48) shipping plus Import charges: 5.65 (amount confirmed at checkout).