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Author Topic: 29875 FM 29.875 MHz FM Daily Activity (via GB3WB KiwiSDR)  (Read 505 times)

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So I've checked this KiwiSDR (located in the UK) daily for the past few days and every day, regardless of band conditions (which, lately have been good), I've noticed that, in addition to the pagers and data links in the 29.7 to 30 MHz band...

there are guys hanging out on 29.875 MHz FM.  Sounds like French language.  Maybe it's not.  Maybe it's Portuguese or Italian?  FM signals are in the 8-12 kHz bandwidth ballpark.  I think it's Italian.

Carrier frequencies noted:

29875.07 kHz
29874.9 kHz
29875.1 kHz
29875.2 kHz
29874.8 kHz
29875.03 kHz

Lots of strong pagers on

29750 kHz 29.750 MHz 29.75 MHz
29800 kHz 29.800 MHz 29.80 MHz
29850 kHz 29.850 MHz 29.85 MHz
29900 kHz 29.900 MHz 29.90 MHz

With 29.8 MHz and 29.9 MHz being the busiest, both 29.800 MHz 29.900 MHz have basically nonstop POCSAG signals on them.

There are strong FSK signals on 29.878 MHz and 29.870 MHz and a dozen other frequencies in the 29700 kHz to 30000 kHz "sliver". 

I know most export rigs cover 25615 to 30105 (that extends to 30110 or 30115 so 30.105 MHz 30.110 MHz or 30.115 MHz and in some radios the coverage goes up to 30.555 MHz or 30.560 MHz, 30.565 MHz or 32 MHz.  So 29.875 MHz is a legit export radio/freebander frequency, but it also matches up with the 27.500 MHz to 39.475 MHz (25 kHz steps) Chinese fishery radio service (27.500 MHz to 39.475 MHz, FM voice - 29.875 MHz matches up with that channel plan).

So these guys are either a fishing fleet or freebanders....will try and get a video clip with some audio at some points and will include it in this post.  There's some interesting stuff in the 29.7 to 30.0 MHz band. 
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