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Dutch police raids M/V Aegir in 1978

The term Europirate is used to describe pirate radio stations broadcasting from the UK, Ireland and continental Europe. Europe has a long history of pirates on shortwave, mediumwave and FM.

Europirate activity on shortwave is mostly in the 6 MHz region, particularly 6200 KHz to 6400 KHz. During good conditions, Europirates can often be heard in North America.

See also

  • Alfa Lima International A pirate station in the Netherlands that maintains a Europirate focused website and message forum
  • Martin Schöch A large list of Europirate addresses and links, maintained by Martin Schöch
  • shortwave dx Anonymous blog owned by a UK DXer with current Europirate logs

Further reading

  • Harry L. Helms, W5HLH: "How To Tune The Secret Shortwave Spectrum. Chapter 6: Pirate Broadcasting: European Style", TAB Books, ISBN 0-8306-1185-1, pages 97-114, 1981.

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