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Seal of the US Federal Communications Commission

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the agency responsible for promulgating and enforcing regulations regarding many types of communications in the USA, including radio transmission and reception. In particular, it licenses and polices transmitting stations. As unlicensed broadcasters, Pirate Radio Stations are at particular risk of running afoul of FCC regulations, and may face penalties ranging from warnings, to fines, equipment confiscation, and even imprisonment. While FCC enforcement affecting pirates has of late concentrated on FM pirates, it has, in the past, punished shortwave pirates, and may (and probably will) do so in the future. One example is the Great Halloween Bust of 1998.

Other names for the FCC include the Flunked Clown College, the Friendly Candy Company and Fansome Communication Commandos. AMers (e.g. Timtron) refer to the FCC as the FeeCee.

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