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A HiFER is a shortwave radio beacon station, run by a hobbyist under FCC Part 15 rules (or other appropriate rules for stations outside of the USA).

FCC regulations part 15.225 allow operation in the 13.553-13.567 MHz 13.56 MHz (13553-13567 kHz) range with a field strength of 15,848 μV/m measured at a distance of 30 meters. The pre-2003 field strength limit was 10,000 μV/m at 30 meters, which works out to a little under 2 mW into a 1/2 wave dipole antenna.

Related hobbyist beacon bands are LowFER on longwave (LW) and MedFER on mediumwave (MW), at the edges of the AM broadcast band.

In addition to legal beacon stations, there are also many hobbyist run beacons which are not legal under government regulations. These are commonly referred to as High Frequency Beacons or Pirate Beacons.

FCC rules

15.225 Operation within the band 13.110-14.010 MHz. [1]

(a) The field strength of any emissions within the band 13.553-13.567 MHz shall not exceed 15,848 microvolts/meter at 30 meters.
(b) Within the bands 13.410-13.553 MHz and 13.567-13.710 MHz, the field strength of any emissions shall not exceed 334 microvolts/meter at 30 meters.
(c) Within the bands 13.110-13.410 MHz and 13.710-14.010 MHz the field strength of any emissions shall not exceed 106 microvolts/meter at 30 meters.
(d) The field strength of any emissions appearing outside of the 13.110-14.010 MHz band shall not exceed the general radiated emission limits in § 15.209.
(e) The frequency tolerance of the carrier signal shall be maintained within ±0.01% of the operating frequency over a temperature variation of −20 degrees to +50 degrees C at normal supply voltage, and for a variation in the primary supply voltage from 85% to 115% of the rated supply voltage at a temperature of 20 degrees C. For battery operated equipment, the equipment tests shall be performed using a new battery.
(f) In the case of radio frequency powered tags designed to operate with a device authorized under this section, the tag may be approved with the device or be considered as a separate device subject to its own authorization. Powered tags approved with a device under a single application shall be labeled with the same identification number as the device.

[68 FR 68546, Dec. 9, 2003]

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