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Radio Metallica QSL

Radio Metallica Worldwide was a pirate station that was very active in the late 90s into the 00s. It has been reported as late as 2005, although these late shows may have been replays of shows recorded years earlier. The hosts were Doctor Tornado and Señor El Niño. Shows were aired in AM, and the station claimed to put out 10,000 watts, a fact verified by several other pirates who visited the transmitter site. This claim may have been true, as the station was typically heard all around the USA, as well as overseas, with an overpowering signal.

Program material consisted of music, along with biting commentary about politics, world events, and the pirate scene, by Doctor Tornado, with Señor El Niño acting as sidekick. The station theme music was "Secret Agent Man". At one time the station offered to relay other pirate shows for a fee; it's not known if this was ever taken advantage of.

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