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This is the landing page for Boston area mediumwave (and some FM) pirates. The Boston area, from Worcester east and from Manchester NH south, through to Brockton on the South Shore is rife with pirate radio activity. Almost all of this activity is not typical "hobby" pirates, rather they are generally ethnic in nature and serve a specific community, although some operate as quasi-commercial enterprises. FCC enforcement has been absent, particularly on mediumwave, although some FMs that get "too big" are busted, usually as the result of interference complaints from a legal FM.

Active Mediumwave Stations [Updated 12/2/2010]:

1690 KHz Radio Torrente de Vida. Lynn Massachusetts. Spanish pop music. Probably very low power.

Active FM Stations [Updated 05/28/2019]:

87.7 MHz Hot 97. Transmitter location somewhere in the city of Boston. Name is not a typo, despite the frequency. Operates an urban format with hip-hop, r&b, and other types of music. High level of technical production, with a slick website and social media campaigns. This station has been on the air for perhaps more than a year in the current incarnation, and claims to have a 5,000 watt transmitter. On the air practically 24/7, it can be heard throughout the entire metro Boston area. The overall sound of this station suggests the operators are well funded and perhaps associated with Boston club promotion. Website at - Update: May 2019: The website is defunct, unknown if the station is still on the air, has gone silent for an unknown reason, has been busted or otherwise gone QRT.