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CB Savage is a perjorative term applied to owners and operators of CB Radio equipment by amateur radio operators and pirate radio operators. The term originates with the 1977 one-hit wonder song of the same name, where a police officer pretends he is a gay truck driver over a CB Radio. CB savages are known to operate in lid-like manner, using splatterboxes with modulation limiters removed, poorly filtered amplifiers and other equipment that produces overmodulated AM, clipped and sometimes absolutely terrible sounding audio. CB savages can be found in the 25-30 MHz range and sometimes on pirate frequencies.

The incredibly strong and overmodulated AM signal of a CB savage on CB channel 6, 27.025 MHz/27025 kHz...aka "The Superbowl" on a KiwiSDR waterfall display.
An example of typical CB Savage radio "mods" - see also peak and tune (peek and toon) mods, designed for maximum "swing" (peak power) and other CB radio woo. Image courtesy of the now-defunct site CBRetards.com

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