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==External links==
==External links==
* [http://www.brogers.dsl.pipex.com/enigma2000/ ENIGMA2000 web site]
* [http://www.brogers.dsl.pipex.com/enigma2000/ ENIGMA2000 web site]
* [http://www.brogers.dsl.pipex.com/enigma2000/docs/ECL.pdf ENIGMA control list] (Version 24, September 2009)
* [http://www.brogers.dsl.pipex.com/enigma2000/docs/ECL.pdf ENIGMA control list] (Version 25, March 2011)
[[Category:Radio societies]]
[[Category:Radio societies]]

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Cover page of ENIGMA2000 newsletter, issue 39, March 2007.

ENIGMA-2000 is an internet based community with the same general interests as the old ENIGMA association and with wider coverage of general intelligence matters. This group produces a regular newsletter and maintains the old ENIGMA station naming scheme.

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