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Logo of the International Short Wave League

The International Short Wave League (ISWL) is radio society which was formed in Great Britain in 1946. Unlike most radio societies, the League effectively caters for members interested in both the Amateur radio and Broadcast Band DXing. Membership of the ISWL is open to both licensed radio amateurs and Short Wave Listeners (SWLs) world-wide. The International Short Wave League is run by volunteers who are elected by the Leagues members.

All ISWL members can participate in the League's contest and awards programs. The awards are also available to non members and can be posted world-wide. In addition to radio amateurs and SWLs, clubs and other radio organisations may also join the League.

The ISWL publishes a monthly journal called Monitor, which is sent to members. It contains sections about Contests, HF operations, Airband, DX news, Short Wave Broadcast schedules, as well as occasional articles written by League members, relating to QRP, VHF operation, antennas etc.

The International Short Wave League is affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain.

HF/VHF nets

The ISWL holds regular nets throughout the week at various times and on various frequencies and all radio amateurs are welcome to participate whether ISWL members or not. The 80 and 40 meter SSB nets (3.5 and 7 MHz) are very active, in contrast to the CW and VHF nets. The club amateur radio callsigns GX4BJC/A and MX1SWL/A can be operated by British (U.K.) licensed members on a rota basis for one month, from their own station's QTH and can be heard on many of the nets each week.

Day Mode UTC QRG (kHz)
Sunday SSB 15:00 7055 or 3685
Sunday SSB 19:00 144270
Sunday SSB 20:30 1925
Monday CW 19:30 3563
Tuesday SSB 19:00 3700
Saturday SSB 10:30 3685
Sunday SSB 10:30 50270
Thursday FM 19:00 145500
Saturday FM 16:00 145500

Special callsign GB75ISWL is on the air throughout 2021, to celebrate 75 years since the establisment of ISWL.

QSL Bureau


The ISWL operates a QSL Bureau of its own, which is well known for its fast through-put, with outgoing QSL cards cleared on an ongoing basis. There is a small annual fee for the use of the Bureau. The ISWL QSL Bureau is unique, in that all cards addressed to members are dispatched at the League's expense, with self-addressed and stamped envelopes not being required. Access to the QSL Bureau is only open to current ISWL members.

The ISWL actively supports electronic QSL cards via but does not support the ARRL Logbook of the World.


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