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The Kaito KA1102 is legendary on the #pirateradio IRC channel as the receiver of choice of aristotle73. He once used TV rabbit ears to supercharge its performance.

The KA1102 is a small, battery powered general coverage portable manufactured and marketed in China. It has found its way into North America by various eBay sellers, such as liypn. Due to one of the most retarded portable radio design decisions ever, the user has to choose memory page 9 before SSB can be activated.

A popular modification is to connect the external antenna jack to 440v 3-phase.

<aristotle73> i'm about to do the 440 3 phase mod
<beerus> oh yeah?
<aristotle73> yup
<aristotle73> #@!@#$!!!!!!!
* aristotle73 has quit 
<beerus> uh oh


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