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KiwiSDRs run by HFU Members

KiwiSDRs Tips

Set Static IP Address

You may want to set the IP address of your KiwiSDR statically, rather than a dynamic DCHP address obtained from your router. Go to the Network tab on the KiwiSDR admin page to do this.

GPS Antenna

The antenna that comes with the KiwiSDR works, but can be marginal, especially when used indoors. I bought this antenna from Amazon, and it seems to work better. I also found that it helps tremendously to have the antenna sitting on a metal ground plane. A simple small aluminum baking sheet works great. I carefully adjusted the location of the antenna on the sheet, as well as the location of both (they are sitting on a shelf) for maximum signal(s) from the GPS satellites.

I just replace the pan with a sheet of aluminum foil, and that seems to work even better.


An all aluminum case is available from Seeed Studios that includes a small cooling fan.