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What Are Pirate Radio Stations?

Why Listen to Pirate Radio Stations

One of the major complaints about modern corporate radio is that it is bland and boring. It seems as though half a dozen companies own all the stations, and every one sounds the same. How many Morning Zoo shows can you listen to, anyway?

With pirate radio, you often never know what you're going to hear next. There's a huge variety of station formats.

Some just play music, but often it is obscure or unique music. Rave on Radio is known for focusing on one artist. Wolverine Radio strings together a series of songs, all with a common theme. Radio Appalachia plays bluegrass music. And so on.

Other stations are known for producing their own original creative programming. Such as KIPM, which featured science fiction radio drama. WHYP is a parody of a former genuine small town radio station with the same call letters, from back in the 1980s, infamous for their poor production standards.

There have even been political stations, such as United Patriot Radio.

Finally, there are stations that are are essentially inside jokes in the pirate radio community. They splice together recordings of other stations and pirate listeners, create song parodies, and so on. You truly never know what you will hear next.

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