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Radio Cairo Modulation (40 kHz bandwidth shown)
Radio Cairo is the shortwave international broadcasting station of Egypt. It is notorious for its terribly distorted or otherwise terrible sounding audio. Broadcasts are off frequency and either heavily distorted and occupying a huge bandwidth or have lots of hum and almost no audio. Programming is in various languages and features mostly news and Egyptian music. The station currently has two transmitter sites: Abu Zaabal and Abis. The site at Abu Zaabal has 17 transmitters including 13 100 kW transmitters from the 1950's to the 1990's of brands Brown Boveri, Marconi, Telefunken, Harris and Thomson. It also has a 250 kW Continental brand transmitter installed in 1980 and four 500 kW Thomson transmitters installed in the 1990's. The Abu Zaabal site is no longer in use and all antennas have been removed leaving only the building with the transmitters. The site at Abis is currently used for all Radio Cairo broadcasts on shortwave. It is believed to have eight 250 kW transmitters of brands Brown Boveri and Thomson from the 1970's and one 500 kW Marconi B6132 transmitter purchased in 1996. It is not known which transmitters are currently used for Radio Cairo broadcasts. The extremely poor audio quality indicates that the transmitters are in need of major repairs or replacement. For years the station had been active very irregularly with no particular schedule but in November 2021 broadcasts started to resume on a regular schedule for unknown reasons.

Schedule of Radio Cairo for A22:

kHz Time (UTC) Language Power (kW) Azimuth Target
9410 1500-1600 Albanian 125 325 Southern Europe
9900 1700-1900 Turkish 125 005 Türkiye
9440 1800-1900 Italian 125 325 Southern Europe
9410 1900-2000 German 125 325 Eastern Europe
9870 1900-2000 Russian 125 005 Europe
9810 2000-2115 French 125 325 Western Europe
9440 2115-2245 English 125 325 Western Europe
9900 2115-2330 Portuguese 100 252 South America
9885 2330-0045 Arabic 125 252 South America
9890 0045-0200 Spanish 100 252 South America

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