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Radio Morania [1] was a set of humorous recordings of a faux international shortwave broadcast station that has been relayed on shortwave by various pirate operators since the 1980s. Radio Morania claimed to broadcast using bizarre frequencies and modes, including on the "73 meter band," and by laser beam.

Radio Morania was frustrating for DXers because whenever the speaker would announce a contact address, "interference" would overtake the speaker leaving any address information unintelligible.

The original Morania tape was created in the late 1960s by hobbyist Gary Bourgois (WB8EOH, d. 2005) as a parody of the European shortwave stations of the time. He sold only a handful through an ad in a DX magazine, but when he became aware of Morania's pirate popularity in the mid-1980s, he made the tape available again through the pages of Popular Communications. Along with the tape, the c. 1980s purchaser received production notes and an official "QSL card" on gray card-stock signed by "Earl Hunter".

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