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SHARES Frequency List SHARES Frequencies List SHARES HF-SSB Frequencies Emergency Management HF Frequency List

SHARES is a multi-agency system that used frequencies assigned to several different agencies and organizations. It conducts weekly radio check nets every Wednesday at 1600 UTC on 6765 USB, 6845 USB and 6910 USB (and likely other frequencies at other times).

Since these frequencies are of interest to utility monitors and are often heard, I wanted to compile a list of frequencies in use:

All frequencies are "dial frequencies" in USB mode, transmissions made in SSB - USB voice mode and MT63 digital mode. There are apparently other 5 MHz band frequencies in use, including ones that match up with 60 meter amateur band channels. Frequencies with associated notes are frequencies noted in use by myself (confirmed usage and remarks). Note that SHARES does use ALE technology. Most frequencies are in the fixed/mobile bands. FCC licenses will sometimes show these frequencies in "center frequency" notation, which is the actual frequency + 1.4 kHz for USB voice mode. 2K80J3E, 2K80J2B, 2K80J2D, 2K80F1D, 3K00H2B, 100HA1A and 6K00A3E (or 5K75A3E or 5K90A3E) modes or emissions are often used, among others. The 25 MHz band, 26 MHz band and 27 MHz band frequencies could, in theory, be used for local area comms (similar to CB radio), but standard VHF/UHF systems are often used for this purpose. AM voice or FM voice may be used for short-range communications instead of SSB (USB mode). FM mode includes standard 20K0F3E or 16K0F3E wideband FM or 11K2F3E, 11K0F3E or 10K0F3E narrowband FM.

National Communications System (NCS) Shared Resources (SHARES) High Frequency Radio Program - As an additional means of HF communications, Federal agencies may use the Shared Resources (SHARES) HF Radio Program as a means of passing message traffic when their own networks are not available.

Note: While FEMA, the National Communications System (NCS), MARS and other government agencies are heavy users of the SHARES system, FEMA operates several other networks, many using ALE, digital modes and regular USB voice. FEMA is a prolific user of HF for obvious reasons, obviously. See also the SECURE system, which overlaps SECURE in function and scope. Several of the SHARES frequencies are, well, shared...with other government agencies.

  • 3818 kHz LSB - 75m / 80m "prepper net" 3.818 MHz LSB "Channel 0"
  • 4458 kHz USB - SHARES Region 4 SHARES Northeast Region Hurricane Net heard here
  • 4490 kHz USB - MARS frequency
  • 4618 kHz USB
  • 4636 kHz USB - Civil Air Patrol CAP Net 1 Regional Primary (shared frequency)
  • 5063.5 kHz USB
  • 5167.5 kHz USB - Alaska Emergency Frequency (see: SECURE)
  • 5357 kHz USB - 60m 60 meter prepper/emergency net 5.357 MHz USB "Channel 1" or "NVIS Channel"
  • 5429 kHz USB
  • 5711 kHz USB
  • 5760 kHz USB
  • 6765 kHz USB - SHARES North Primary
  • 6800 kHz USB
  • 6845 kHz USB - SHARES Northeast SHARES Region 4
  • 6910 kHz USB - SHARES Central SHARES Region 6
  • 6912 kHz USB - SHARES Central alternate frequency (primary 6910 USB)
  • 6915 kHz USB - SHARES Central alternate frequency (primary 6910 USB)
  • 7242 kHz LSB - 40m 40 meter prepper/emergency net 7.242 MHz LSB "Channel 3"
  • 7391 kHz USB
  • 7403.5 kHz USB
  • 7615 kHz USB - Civil Air Patrol / CAP use as well
  • 7637 kHz USB - Civil Air Patrol / CAP use (alternate to 7615 USB)
  • 7642 kHz USB
  • 7792 kHz USB
  • 7791 kHz USB
  • 7991 kHz USB
  • 9057 kHz USB
  • 9064 kHz USB
  • 9106 kHz USB
  • 11108 kHz USB
  • 11217 kHz USB
  • 13242 kHz USB
  • 13426.5 kHz USB
  • 14242 kHz USB - 20m 20 meter prepper/emergency net 14.242 MHz USB "Channel 4"
  • 14396.5 kHz USB - Daytime FEMA use, SHARES admin net
  • 14402 kHz USB - SHARES West/SHARES daytime frequency
  • 14928.5 kHz USB
  • 15094 kHz USB
  • 17458 kHz USB
  • 17487 kHz USB
  • 20107 kHz USB
  • 25354 kHz USB - Civil Air Patrol / CAP use - 25.354 MHz
  • 26617 kHz USB - Civil Air Patrol / CAP use - 26.617 MHz
  • 26620 kHz USB - Civil Air Patrol / CAP use - old CAP local "talkaround" frequency 26.620 MHz AM
  • 26812 kHz USB - often local use only 26.812 MHz
  • 27546 kHz USB - often local use only - also used by CAP 27.546 MHz
  • 29894 kHz USB - often local use only - also used by CAP 29.894 MHz

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