Soviet Strategic Aerial/Electronic Defense Units

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This is a list of surface-to-air (SAM) missile systems used by the Soviet Union and Russia.

(Note: This list includes only long-range surface to air missiles used in strategic purposes. Tactical-based missiles are excluded)

Strategic Missile Defense Systems

Peter Grushin

V-400 Dal/SA-5 Griffon

S-400 Triumf/SA-21 Growler


A-35 Aldan

ABM-1 Galosh

Strategic Radar Systems

Duga Radar (Russian Woodpecker)

Dnetsr Radar

Daryal Radar

Don-2N Radar

Dunay Radar

Voronezh Radar

(Note: All sources have come from Encyclopedia Astronautica, Wikipedia, Federation of American Scientists, several military websites, and declassified CIA documents)