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The Gasman Show -- 00:30:48 A parody production of The FOX and Sick Puppy Productions

The Gasman opens the show with an Intro over a Phil Collins bed. They were "loaded on beer and beans and south Texas chili". The Gasman loves hooters! "From little Norweigan fried quail eggs... to those enormous whop-floppin' zuchinis. Hoist 'em outta that over-the-shoulder boulder holder, baby. I want some Hooters.... ya buncha zombies."

"Zombies" - The Hooters

"And We Danced" - Hooters

Gasman - "The wonderful thing about hooters.... they always come in pairs!"

"A Date with Danger" venereal disease PSA by Dr. Ernest Ranchman, MD. (1950s Educational film parody by The Credibility Gap) Spike and Stinky get Gary to fork over 5 bucks to "Bubbles" in the parking lot of the Sock Hop. Later, Gary and his girlfriend "Berbra" have to go to see the doctor. The Doc uses scare tactics to throttle their shameful yearnings. "Inside this pickle jar, you see the remains of a 14 year old girl who contracted venereal disease, and shrank away to the dead form you see before your eyes." Brutally funny.

"Necrophiliacs Anonymous" PSA featuring Freddie Herbie (Credibility Gap routine). National Necrophilia Foundation fund raiser to support, "convalescent necrophiliacs, and to teach them how to make and use soap."

Mailbag program. Phil Musik gets torched.

"You Can't Tell a Book by its Hair" Jackson 5 parody by the Credibility Gap. The 'gloved wonder' gets his due.

Gasman with a "Production of the Foxhole Group in conjunction with Sick Puppy Productions" ID

Maildrop ann. - Merlin, BRS and Providence. "Be sure to include ur sexual health questions."

"South Ferry Road" - The Hooters

"Parody production of the FOX" ID at sign off.

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