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WAZU was a U.S. pirate radio station on shortwave. Also known as "The Zed" and "The Wazoo", its first transmission took place in 1991, in the old 41 meter U.S. pirate band. Created by Fearless Fred of Radio Garbanzo as a side station to explore other ideas, WAZU became his main outlet after RG's closing in the summer of 2000. Although appearing many times in the 43 meter U.S. pirate band, Fearless Fred prefers to "sail the backwaters". WAZU has often used 48, 43, 41, 32, 26, 25, 22, and 16 meter bands - bushwhacking unsuspecting SWLs with its irreverent programming and high energy music. Reception reports can be sent to wazushortwave@gmail.com. Hard copy QSLs were sent out for correct reception reports sent to P.O. Box 1 Belfast, NY 14711. It was last logged in April 2016.

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