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WBZA was my portable Massachusetts pirate station in the early 90's . The Uniden Lincoln transmitter ran a linear to 175 watts pep on 25.5 Mhz into a dipole. A wide variety of music was played- rock, big band,jazz ,etc. Signal reports received from Western Europe and the Southwest U.S. via box 452 Wellsville,NY.It was lots of fun, I got several mentions and clips played on the WWCR "Signals" program shortwave pirate report .I just found an old mint QSL stuffed inside a book,quite a nice surprise.It shows a very old photo of George Westinghouse ( which was my on air name) and his wife, printed on Halloween orange paper.I still have all of my old program tapes.I once photographed the WBZA portable antenna set up in front of the WBZ antenna ,but did not broadcast from there.Now WBZA is just a distant sweet memory.