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Wolverine Radio SSTV

Wolverine Radio is a shortwave radio pirate active in the 2000's. Usually heard with a strong signal and good audio quality on 6925 kHz in USB mode, it has also been logged on 6930 and 6950 kHz in 2008. Often starting without any station identification for several minutes, occasionally with an interval of several minutes between the opening segment and main program, Wolverine Radio programs tend to run for around an hour and consist of a variety of musical themes ranging from non-mainstream rock, pop and folk to blues, jazz and big band. Firesign Theatre sketches and other comedy routines and parody ads are often featured. The most familiar Wolverine Radio ID consists of a low key male voice saying "Wolverine...Radio" with a slight pause between each word, sometimes with echo effects, either during brief lulls in programming or under the sound, leading to occasional misinterpretations of the ID (Long Range Radio). Some Wolverine Radio shows begin with part of a song by Canadian band Barenaked Ladies, "Testing, 1-2-3, can anybody hear me?"

Wolverine Radio is notable for being enigmatic. No known mail drop or e-mail address or other contact information is available, and the operator is not known to have acknowledged reception reports.

During a September 6, 2008, broadcast on 6950 USB, Wolverine Radio introduced an unusual departure, with a live voice announcement from a woman identifying the song list, followed by SSTV image of a wolverine with Wolverine Radio ID. Adam Ant "Desperate But Not Serious" followed by live song play list ID.

Wolverine Radio ID over music, no echo effect.

Wolverine Radio ID with echo effect.

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