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Channel Z QSL

Channel Z Radio was a pirate radio station that started broadcasting in November, 2004. The station’s programming was mostly new wave music and relays of other stations, including Pirate Radio Boston, WNKR, and Radio Free London. Their email address was, and they used the Blue Ridge Summit maildrop.

All of Channel Z Radio’s transmissions are made on homebrewed transmitters in AM mode. A total of five transmitters are in use, with 6925 and 6950 kHz being the primary frequencies. DX test transmissions have also been logged on 9292 kHz and 15067 kHz. The station has been heard in 20 states and 6 countries.

The first transmitter built was a Grenade clone. Fearless Fred of WAZU and Radio Anarchy were instrumental in reverse engineering the design of this legendary transmitter. The modulation transformer in the original Grenade was based on a modified Radio Shack automotive choke, part number 270-030-A. Radio Anarchy successfully developed an equivalent design, and the construction details can be found on Dave Martin’s website

Two transmitter designs by Dave Martin of WNKR were constructed next; the Corsair and the Commando. The Commando produces 25 watts of carrier when supplied by a 14 VDC source and has been logged in 4 European countries.

Low power QRP DX tests were carried out in early 2007 using a Radio Anarchy Guerilla transmitter, with an 8 watt carrier output. These transmissions were logged over 2,000 miles from the transmitter site.

Long distance DX tests were carried out on 15067 kHz using an LU8EHA transmitter design. This transmitter is a Class E design and produces 18 watts of carrier. These transmissions were heard in Europe and the USA.

Channel Z Radio was last logged in January 2011.

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