Common and Precious

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Beacon "Common and Precious"

QSL Commons and Precious.jpg

The Operator [TM] will create a small documentation here. If time is at hand.

Operating since: Friday, 8. of February 2015

Power: 5W (was 1,5W until middle of March)

Antenna: 1/2λ Dipole on a roof, approx 13m above the ground (4,5m above the roof)

System: Pulled 10.240Mhz X-Tal. Uses a 3 stage amplifer: Oscillator, Puffer/Preamp (Keyed) and main PA.

Uses two 7 pole (double PI) filter for harmonics supression (a filter before and after the main PA).

System effiency is approx 68%

Record: 6.605,68km Harrisburg, Pa, USA