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Callsign Name Details
7L2NJY Dr Mamoru Mohri Japanese astronaut
9K2CS Prince Yousuf Al-Sabah
9N1MM Father Marshall Moran Missionary (SK)
A41AA Qaboos Bin Said Al-Said Sultan of Oman (In callbook as A4XAA)
EA0JC Juan Carlos King of Spain
FO5GJ Martin Brandeaux aka Marlon Brando Actor (SK), in callbook as FO8GJ (see also FO0MB below)
G2DQU Lord Rix (formerly Sir Brian) former actor and charity head (SK)
G3TZH Tony Dolby Brother of "the" Dolby
G3YLA Jim Bacon OBE Weatherman
GB1MIR Helen Sharman Astronaut
HS1A Bhumiphol Adulayadej King of Thailand (SK)
I0FCG Francesco Cossiga Former President of Italy
JA5FHB Japanese Minister for Transport and Communications
JY1 King Hussein of Jordan SK, JY1 also held reciprocal call EP1JY in Iran
JY1NH Noor Alhussein Queen and XYL of JY1
JY2 Queen of above
K0HWY Tex Beneke Band leader
K1JT Dr. Joseph H. "Joe" Taylor Nobel Laureate (1993)
K1OKI Mickey Schulhof Head of Sony US
K2AES Tom Kneitel Author, publisher (SK, August 2008)
K2HEP John Sculley Former CEO of Apple
K2ORS Jean Shepard author (SK)
K4LIB Arthur Godfrey TV performer (SK)
K6AUS Scott Robson All Round Dead Set Legend
K6DUE Roy Neal Television reporter
K7TA Clifford Stoll Author & scientist
K7UGA Senator (US) Barry Goldwater (SK)
KB2GSD Walter Cronkite News reader (SK)
KB2OOR William T. Godbey aka "Havana Moon" (SK)
KB6LQR Jeana Yeager Voyager '86 pilot
KB6LQS Dick Rutan Voyager '86 pilot
KB6OLJ Paul J Cohen Mathematician
KC4OCA Gordon Barnes Weatherman
KD4WUJ Patty Ramey, aka Patti Loveless Country singer
KB5YSQ Charlie Precourt Astronaut
KC5CKM Richard Searfoss Astronaut
KC5ETH Ronald Sega Astronaut
KC5HBR Jerry Linenger Astronaut
KC5RSY Scott Parazynsky Astronaut
KC5TIE Carl Walz Astronaut
KC5TZQ John Blaha Astronaut
KD6OY Garry Shandling Comedian
KC7NHZ Susan Helms Astronaut
KG7JF Jeff Duntemann Author
LU1SM Carlos Saul Menem Ex President of Argentina - 8 de julio de 1989 – 10 de diciembre de 1999
N4BQW Charles Brady Astronaut
N4HDP Col (ret) Joe Kittinger, USAF Test pilot, first to cross the Atlantic solo in a balloon.
N4KET David French CNN newsman
N4RH Ralph Haller FCC PRB chief
N5FPW Larry Van Horn Author
N5QWL Jay Apt Astronaut
N5RAW Steve Nagel Astronaut
N5RAX Linda Godwin Astronaut and XYL of N5RAW
N5YYV Kathy Sullivan, Chief Scientist NOAA, former astronaut
N6GGM Laura XYL of N6FUP
N6KGB Stewart Granger (James Stewart) actor
N6YOS Priscilla Presley Former wife of Elvis Presley
NK7U Joe Rudi Baseball player
ON1AFD Count Dirk Frimouth Belgian astronaut
RAEM Ernst Krenkel (Зрнест Кренкель) Polar explorer and Hero of the Soviet Union [1] (SK)
S21A Head of Bangladeshi PTT
SU1VN/P Prince Talal of Saudi Arabia
SV2ASP/A Monk Apollo
U2MIR/UV3AM Musa Manarov (Муса Манаров) Cosmonaut
UA1LO Yuri Gagarin (Юрий Гагарин) Cosmonaut (SK)
VK2BL Graham Connelly Radio announcer
VK2DIK Dick Smith Entrepreneur & millionaire
VK2IG Dave Grey Deputy Commissioner (???)
VK2KB Sir Allan Fairhall Politician
VK2YOW Bob Hughes Radio announcer
VP6TC Tom Christian Descendant of Fletcher Christian
VU2RG Rajiv Gandhi Prime Minister of India (SK)
VU2SON Sonia Gandhi XYL of VU2RG
W0ORE Tony England Astronaut
W2TQ Joel Miller IEEE lawyer
W3ACE Armin Meyer US Ambassador to Japan
W4LAA Paul Kangas Host of "Nightly Business Report" on PBS
W4ZG Worth Gruelle Actor
W5HLH Harry L. Helms (ex-AA6FW) Author (1952-2009)
W5LFL Owen Garriot Astronaut
W6EZV General Curtis LeMay SK
W6FZZ Samuel F.B. Morse III
W6JKV James Treybig CEO of Tandem
W6QHS President of California Microware
W6QYI Cardinal Roger Mahony
W6ZH Herbert Hoover Jr Son of ARRL Pres, grandson of US President
W8JK John Kraus Radio-astronomer, SK
WA2MKI Larry Ferrari Organ player
WA4CZD Chet Atkins Guitarist (SK)
WA4SIR Ron Parise Astronaut
WA6TJM President of ISD Inc
WB4KCG Ronnie Milsap Singer
WB6ACU Joe Walsh Singer
WB6RER Andy Devine Actor (SK)

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