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G03, known to some as "The Gong Station", was operated by East German National People's Army (NVA). Last heard in May 1990, shortly before the German unification. G03 was transmitted from Zeesen, Germany, and remotely controlled from Wernsdorf. It was assumed that all operations were taken over by the KGB/FSB after reunification. The station was most likely deactivated after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The function of G03 was to deliver coded messages to East German agents in West Germany, giving the coded location of dead-drop message sites.


Name: Gongs or Chimes

Frequencies: 3258 kHz, 5410 kHz

Status: Inactive

Voice: Female, automated

Emission mode: AM

Location: East Germany

Message format (Sample)

(Clock gongs) Achtung! 06667. Trennung! 81. Achtung! 06667. Trennung! 81 76582 76582 40822 40822 ... Ende

(The messages are usually in a 5-figure recipient ID, recited in German)

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