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La Montana Colombia is the name used to refer to an unidentified religious station operating on 4940 kHz. It is not known who operates the station or where its exact location is. The name "La Montana Colombia" originated when the station advertised a Colombian religious movie called "La Montana" and this was mistaken as the identification. The station seems to operate 24/7. It seems that it uses high power and or an unusually efficient antenna because it can be heard with a good signal nightly during winter in North America. Frequency is very stable and is close to 4940.00 kHz. It has been heard relaying the programs of Fuerza de Paz and has also been mistakenly identified as such. One listener contacted the QSL manager of Fuerza de Paz about the station and received a reply stating that Fuerza de Paz does not operate the station or know its identity and the programs are taken from a website. Music played on the station is a mix of Colombian and Venezuelan origin. The station appears to be operating from an area very close to the border between those two countries. TDoA results have shown its location as Maicao, Colombia. It has been heard giving the Venezuelan time leading some to believe that it is located in that country. It seems that no stations are licensed for 4940 kHz in either country meaning that the station may be a pirate. It also does not identify at the top of the hour, as legal stations are required to do. Some have speculated that its reason for not providing an identification or contact method is to prevent DXers from bothering it with reception reports.

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