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Radio First Termer was a pirate radio station active in Saigon, Vietnam for 21 days in 1971. It was hosted by Dave Rabbit, and shows consisted of acid rock, was well as comedy and commentary with a counter-culture bent. The intended audience was the American military presence in Saigon, and Radio First Termer achieved legendary status during its brief lifetime. Shows are occasionally relayed on the pirate bands, and Dave Rabbit himself has been known to post on the FRN.

In 2006 Dave Rabbit revived the station to produce Radio First Termer - Iraq, reportedly from within Baghdad. "Good morning, Baghdad!" on Audio from this show was relayed in 2009 by WEAK Radio and Outhouse Radio.

The expanded DVD release of the documentary film Sir, No Sir includes as a bonus an interview with Dave Rabbit on how the station came about.

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