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Radio Hooligans (радиохулиганы in Russian) are a type of pirate radio station found in Russia and Ukraine. The vast majority of stations engage in two-way communications (like radio amateurs or CBers) making them radio bootleggers, not pirate radio stations. Topics of conversation can be about almost anything and are usually in Russian. Others like to broadcast by playing music like other pirate radio stations. They operate on frequencies from 2.9-3.2 MHz (also sometimes producing strong harmonics in the 48 meter Europirate band). Most stations use homemade transmitters or WW2 surplus transmitters. They often drift very large amounts while transmitting and have poor audio quality. They can be heard across Europe and many are active nightly. They originated in the USSR when obtaining an amateur radio license was time consuming and difficult and western music was banned. Similar to modern times they played western music or communicated with other stations within the USSR. While very little information is available on them in English searching in Russian and translating the results to English can find much more information.

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