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Take It Easy Radio QSL
Take It Easy Radio is a pirate radio station that specializes in music by the Eagles and other light and country/folk rock groups. The host is a male who goes by the moniker "Desperado", which probably refers to the Eagles' song with the same title. Desperado can be recognized by his drawl and easygoing manner, which seems to become more and more easygoing as the evening progresses.

His shows appear in stretches of frequent activity, separated by long periods when he is not heard. He is usually to be found on 6925 USB. In addition to music, he also airs comedy; in particular, he has championed the "Al Fansome for President" campaign. During the course of his shows, he pays attention to the logs on the FRN, and will often shout out to listeners, and even play requests from time to time. Shows are usually concluded with the playing of the eponymous Eagles' song, "Take It Easy".