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Worldwide Utility News is shutting down 4/15
From the WUN president, Ary Boender...
================================================== ==

In January 1995, we formed a new, internet based, utility listeners
club; WUN (Worldwide Utility News club). This was not just another
internet list but a real club. Since the beginning we have counted
on a great many people to provide the newsletter, website and maintain
the mailing list and perform other club duties behind the scenes.
Basically, the same people have been involved since we started.

We have recently received the resignation of Jason Berri as webmaster
and Day Watson as editor of the popular Digital Review column. They
are not the only ones. Lack of time and other responsibilities force
me to step down myself. This means that also the Utility Round-up
column need a new editor. We know from personal experience that finding
new editors is a very difficult task, especially for a very specialized
column as the DR.

There are many duties and much time is needed to run WUN as a club. Our
staff is not in a position to donate any further time than what we do
already. Therefore, we believe that WUN as a club should cease to exist.
We do not have the staff to keep going. We have certainly appreciated
the input and assistance of many longtime members. However, the work
involved simply is too much.


As a replacement, I have started a Yahoo list that is easy and simple to
maintain, called Utility DXers Forum. This will eliminate the need
for website support and many of the other duties required of an actual
non-profit club. UDXF will not be affiliated with WUN. UDXF will focus
on the same sort of stations as WUN did, so why not join the list and
keep ute dxing alive! (the link is in the title above. The group will be activated on the 15th mja)

Effective April 15, 2006 the WUN list will be terminated. Members are
encouraged to join UDXF.


As you know, I edited two columns for the WUN newsletter: the "Utility
Round-up" column and "Numbers & Oddities". The latter also appeared as
a separate newsletter for members of the Spooks list and other dxers who
are interested in numbers stations. N&O included info that was sent to
the WUN and Spooks mailing lists and info sent directly to me. Please,
note that N&O a.k.a. "The Spooks Newsletter" and the N&O website will
continue. Numbers stations logs posted to the UDXF and Spooks mailing
lists will be included in N&O's future editions.

On behalf of WUN's staff end editors, I thank you for your support in
the past 10 years and I hope to read your logs on the Utility DXers

Ary Boender
WUN President
No decision has yet been made to rescue the many files on the WUN server. I've offered our Wiki section as a way to keep the links going, but so far, no word on this.

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