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Rare portrait of Captain Ron
2001 QSL
2004 QSL
2011 QSL

The Voice of Captain Ron is a shortwave radio pirate sporadically active since around the start of the 21st century. Originally known as Radio Smooth, Captain Ron has become known for his imaginative live shows. They usually consist of "headbanger" music, along with commentary from Captain Ron. He performs comedy skits and rants upon occasion, and some of them have become classics of pirate lore; these include the "Jellyfish Monkey", and his famous to-the-death battle with a cardboard box. Captain Ron initially had Aesop, of Radio Aesop as a sidekick, but for some time now has apparently worked alone.

Captain Ron QSLs are typically colorful, hand-drawn artwork, highly prized by all of those who have received them.

Interview with Captain Ron