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WHDA -- We Hate Dead Air WHDA was a frequent plunderer of the airwaves during the 90s. Offerings were a mix of rock formats and commentary on the underusage of frequency spectrum. Willie 'the Whistler' Ketchem mysteriously disappeared into the aether shortly after a final 1991 broadcast; leaving behind only "dead air". Their QSLs indicated a station location as "Duckblind, MD."

During Halloween weekend 1990, WHDA aired their "Adult Show". Willie warned the listeners to "put the kiddies to bed", and that the following program would contain adult material. It surely did. Standard fare such as "The Rodeo Song" was augmented with other jukebox favorites, and a rendition of "Jeb & Cousin Easy's Fishin' Hole" routine. A bit risque, a little rude, and quite entertaining.

The image below is a QSL thru the Wellesville drop for a 10/14/90 USB transmission on 7415kHz.