Fixed/Mobile bands

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Fixed/mobile bands. When its not amateur or ham radio, broadcasting, maritime mobile, or aeronautical mobile its FIXED/MOBILE.

Sort of a "catch-all". Of course, aren't all radio transmitters either fixed or mobile???

See also: pirate radio frequencies, HF marine bands, HF aeronautical bands and of course the peskies. The 6765 kHz to 7000 kHz band (43 meters) is a fixed/mobile allocation and is the most popular band for pirate broadcasters in the Americas.

Legal shortwave broadcasters are often found on the upper and lower edges of the shortwave bands that often include the fixed mobile allocations.

The fixed/mobile bands contain a mixture of all sorts of random utility or ute communications, some broadcasters operating outside the shortwave broadcast bands, pirate broadcasters, "peskies" (unlicensed or UNID two-way communications), military, government, NGOs, drug traffickers, diplomatic stations, fishnet stockings beacons, spy number stations, over the horizon radar and dozens of other users. Frequencies in the 25-30 MHz region are also used by freeband CB radio operators and the 26960 kHz - 27410 kHz range includes the legal 40 Citizen's Band channels and 5 remote control and data link channels.