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Jay Smilkstein was a radio hobbyist, and a frequent caller to the Allan Weiner Worldwide show on US Shortwave radio station WBCQ. He passed away in March 2012. Jay was also the frequent target of parody programs on various pirate radio stations, such as Kracker Radio, where he was often referred to as Bozo. Jay lived in Mt. Kisco, New York.

Jay was famous for picking up WABC from the A&P supermarket in Mt. Kisco.

Jay was supposed to co-host a show on WBCQ called "Fix Your Radio", but was dropped from the program. [1] Jay's frequent calls to WBCQ are used by several pirate radio operators as sound bites in their programs. Some entire pirate radio stations, such as the Voice of Bozo, have been built up around various clips of Jay's calls.

Jay was frequently mentioned on Internet message boards, and references to Jay are usually accompanied by the exclamation PMLOL! or some variation thereof, which originated from the shortwave pirate underground and popularized by pirate operators including James Brownyard (WHYP) and Captain Ganja.

While Jay was familiar with many aspects of electronics design and repair, he specializes in the design and construction of custom tube audio amplifier systems.


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