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Long Range Radio is a shortwave radio pirate broadcaster heard only by veteran listener George Zeller.

Long Range Radio 6925USB *2211-2238* 10/27/07 SIO=343. Rock and pop music with a Halloween theme including "Haunted House" and "Ghostbusters." Discussion of bonfires and vampires. The unburied dead are coming back to kill humans. Multiple IDs by OM, some with echo effect. Gave no maildrop address. (Zeller-OH)

Wolverine Radio 6925USB *0153-0256* 7/5/08 SIO=343. Interval signal of a guitar riff "Help Me 1-2-3," into a prgm of rock mx. The music was fairly obscure and I did not recognize the tunes. Off for one minute at 0203 and for three minutes at 0236. No ID until close, when OM gave the ID with an echo effect. I know that this one is actually Wolverine Radio, but I always mention that the diction in the IDs make this one sound like Long Range Radio to me. (Zeller-OH)

Long Range Radio confirmed

On May 23, 2009, several listeners logged Long Range Radio to the FRN, at 0100 UTC and 1700 UTC. The 0100 UTC transmission, claimed by the station operator to be originating from Bodie, California, was of dubious authenticity due to the absence of Warren Zevon music, considered to be a signature of Long Range Radio. However during a 1700 UTC transmission, music by Zevon was logged, apparently confirming the authenticity of this station.

May 23, 2009, 0130 UTC aircheck of Long Range Radio with ID as "Live, from Bodie, California, Long Range Radio". Audio recording courtesy of Zane Radio, a Chicago area DXer.

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