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Hello. I am Cosmikdebris, a dedicated SWL and long time supporter of free radio and free speech on the airwaves. I was born in 1962 and I am staring to feel buzzardly.

You can find out about me and my various recreational pursuits on my blog at I also run the crazy web sites and --- I hope you find them amusing. I also have a weekly radio show on WBCQ at 6pm eastern USA time on 7415 where my wife Jane and I attempt to entertain all you Fookin' sclhobs with some audio animations. Praise Bob!

I have, for better or worse, contributed to the wiki, primarily in these areas:

I am inspired by a number of individuals, to numerous to list here, but I'll atttempt to enumerate a few of my close friends who I owe a great deal of gratitude just for being who they are:

You, my friends, rule!