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The Worldwide Utility News or WUN club was an internet based radio listeners club for Utility Signals under 30 MHz, which operated for over a decade, from January 1995 to March 2006.

The club was founded by veteran utility DXers Rick Baker, James Pogue, Ary Boender, Tony Orr, Jim Navary and Mike Woolfson, most of them coming over from the defunct SPEEDX club. They were later jined by Jason Berri who maintained the club web site.

WUN operated a mailing list for exchange of logs. They published a monthly newsletter with very rich content. Regular columns in the newsletter were:

  • International Civil Aero
  • Nautical News
  • Digital Review
  • The QSL Report
  • Utility Round-up
  • Numbers and Oddities (This column is still published independently [1])
  • Government and Military Systems Frequency/Channel/Designators List
  • Product Review
  • Logs Column

WUN also maintained an Official Club web site at http://www.wunclub.com/ This site is now defunct but it is still accessible at the Web archive.

WUN survived until March 2006, when it folded as many key columnists of the newsletter had retired and could not be replaced. It was succeeded by the Utility DX Forum (UDXF) which is involved mainly in the exchange of utility logs and does not publish a bulletin.

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