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« on: November 05, 2016, 1200 UTC »
Greetings all,

A SW DX Contest sponsored by NASWA, Universal Radio Inc., and CIDX will be held in early January.  Contest forms can be obtained by e mailing me at broadwing56@msn.com, or by snail mail at:
John Cooper
734 Sally Ann drive
Lebanon, PA 17046

Below is the cover form for the contest:

“the final countdown”
This contest will be held from 00:00 UTC on 7 January 2017 until 00:00 UTC on 29 January 2017. It is open to all shortwave listeners in the North American region regardless of their membership in any Shortwave or Ham Radio Club.

The primary contest frequencies will be from 2300 kHz-26130 kHz. SW stations logged outside this range will not be accepted.

The fee for entering the contest will be $5.00 USD acceptable in cash, check, or money order.   Cash can be sent by mail to: John P. Cooper, 734 Sally Ann drive, Lebanon, PA 17046.  Checks or Money Orders should be made out to John P. Cooper.

POSTAGE DEADLINE DATE:  4 February, 2017 (latest date of post office cancellation).  Contest forms cancelled after that date will be returned to sender.

A Contest Certificate of Participation suitable for framing, with contest standing noted will be awarded to each individual DXer participating along with a separate list of participants and standings in the contest. Final results will be posted in the March 2017 NASWA Journal and online at various sites.
Prizes for 1st-3rd place will be awarded.

Part 1: A total of 16 random contest countries will be picked and contestants must log one valid station from each country to be awarded points. 1000 points will be awarded for each logged county and will be divided by the total number of all eligible logs for each country and rounded by 2 decimal places. (EXP: If Germany is a country and you are the only one to log it you get 1000 points.  If 6 others log the same country it is 1000/7=142.85 points per log of this country.)

Part 2:  Contestants will log as many individual countries heard consulting the NASWA Country list and SW Station definition as a guide. (Available on line at NASWA.net) A maximum of 100 points will be given per country logged.  Ham transmissions and Utility stations will not be allowed. If only you log a certain country, 100 points will be awarded. If 6 others log the same country, it is 100/7=14.28 points.

Part 3: To raise your score further-1000 Points Max. You will be given the opportunity to log North American Pirate Stations, (No Euro Pirates) with 100 Points awarded for each Pirate that you get a valid ID on divided by the number of contestants who log the same station. 10 Stations Maximum. (EXP: Yours is the only log for Boom Box Radio 100 points. If 6 others log it is 100/7=14.28 points.)

NOTE:  You must give sufficient details in your logs for them to be validated.  Logs with general notes such as “music,” “male/female talk,” will not be accepted. Try to get valid station ID’s and program translations if it is not in English.  Logs must be from your own SW equipment, not on line nets such as the University of Twente or Perseus Nets. No audio tapes will be accepted!
J. Cooper
Central, PA
Winradio G33DDC/CommRadio CR1a/
Wellbrook ALA1530S+Imperium/ Wellbrook ALA1530LNP Pro
GAP HEAR it in line module
Please QSL to (broadwing56@msn.com)


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