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ID and Translation Requests / 502 KHz UNID?
« on: November 09, 2022, 0400 UTC »
Seems to be constantly repeating the same 2 tone type signal approx 10 sec duration over and over. I can't seem to find much if anything on 502KHz stations.  This is not CW. Maybe some new format for beacons I am not familiar with?

Hearing it at S7 in central Ohio, SRRPlay RSP2pro and RF Systems DX10 active antenna, 0358 Nov 9, 2022



Hearing a loud series of tones on 7.228 MHz. S9 in Central Ohio on the IC-7300 and 6BTV antenna.  The timing is off on some sections of the sequence which makes me wonder if it isn't encoded in some way.  The sequence of tones does seem to have odd spacing too.  Off air just now at 0632 UTC.

Did a search on the forums and a generic search. Nothing but a few mentions of an Amateur Radio Net.


Fired up with an SSTV image I missed.  USB, not spot on freq. Two Bluesy tune to start off. 1st one couldn't tune in but the second is "I'm Coming Home" - Hubert Sumlin.
02:52 UTC
July 26, 2021
S9, steady, USB
Icom IC-7300, 6btv. Mid Ohio location.
DeepBlue, Out.

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