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10/11 meters / Hello and My favorite band 10/11
« on: May 29, 2019, 2350 UTC »
I've always loved radio, after hi school in the 70's the propagation was so easy, just turning the cb on and so many signals from everywhere. I got interested because so much was happening. Anyway still have that radio has a digiscan, a digital tuner with red led numbers. I got it out about 6 yrs back and it works as a mobile,, but I also bought a  Anytone at5555n. It does everything a moded  CB would do and it was about $200, changes transmit freq and goes everywhere!!!
My title line, the 10 and 11 meter band is a great band for mobile, any other lower frequency and you are taking a greater compromise on the antenna. I just wish there was some activity on the band I hear very little.
When conditions are good its just exciting, I remember a clear  contact  on a 5/8 base antenna, I talked to a station in England and we both turned off the power, using about 12 watts, sounded like he was down the street, you know that sound. I am in Los angeles
By the way I haven't heard never anything above 28 mhz except an fm local net..

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