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Good signal into NE Alabama. S8 with some fading.
01:30 Wild Cherry Play That Funky Music
01:32 Creedence Clearwater Revival Born On The Bayou

Thanks for the tunes Two Dog!

Big signal (S9 plus 10) into NE 'Bama this evening. ID at 05:51 -- enjoying all the Halloween themed music! Thanks for the show.

Strong signal, S9 plus with some occasional static.  Thanks for the tunes!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WANK 6950 USB 0105 UTC 18 Sep 2022
« on: September 18, 2022, 0146 UTC »
Strong signal but plenty of static this evening into NE Alabama. Enjoying the old radio show being broadcasted!
SINPO: 44344

Weak but very readable signal into NE Alabama. S3 with a little static.
21:48 -- Led Zeppelin -- Stairway to Heaven
21:50 -- Male announcer, news style report about NASCAR.
21:56 -- The Doors -- Riders on the Storm

Thanks for the tunes!

Despite the summer static and storm I've got a very readable signal. S5 with some fading.
01:17 -- Can't Help Falling In Love
01:20 -- Elton John -- Your Song

Thanks for the Saturday night tunes!

Big S9 plus 10 signal into NE Alabama this evening.
01:01 -- ID
01:02  -- SSTV - Image of three walking skeletons

Thanks for the tunes! 

Big signal into NE Alabama. S9 + 20.
01:00 -- Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels -- Good Molly Miss Molly
01:05 --Electric Light Orchestra -- Evil Woman
01:08 -- ID
01:08 -- Rolling Stones -- Sympathy For The Devil

Thanks for the tunes!

Surprisingly loud signal into NE Alabama this morning. S9 +
13:37 -  Eighties post punk music

Very strong signal this evening into NE Alabama. Vintage music including jazz/blues. SINPO: 45344. Thanks for the Saturday night tunes Wolverine!
01:15 -- Hank Williams - Cold, Cold Heart

Very good signal in NE Alabama on the Tecsun 660 using a doublet. SINPO: 44334.
01:13 - Steve Miller Band - Take the money and run
01:14 - ID leading into CCR - Run through the jungle.

Thanks for the Friday tunes!

Despite the local thunderstorms a very good signal into NE Alabama this morning.
11:26 Blues mix
SINPO 45344
11:31 ID
Thanks for the tunes!

Fine 20 plus signal into NE Alabama, great audio! SINPO:  54444.
00:31 -- Steppenwolf -- Magic Carpet Ride
Thanks for the show!

Very nice signal and strong into NE Alabama. SINPO -- 54455.  00:27 Electronic mix/dance music. Thanks for the Saturday night tunes!

Nice signal into NE Alabama but lots of QRN this evening.
01:29 -- Boston
01: 32 -- Hank Williams -- All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight
01: 33 -- ID with EQSL information
01:33 -- Phil Collins -- In The Air Tonight
SINPO: 44334
Thanks for the tunes!

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