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Solid s6 signal into Houston tonight. Thanks for the show!

S8 into Houston. Slight QSB.

02:06 Modjo - "Lady"
02:11 Paris - "This Is A Test"
02:14 Timmy Trumpet - "Freaks"
02:16 ID "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation (x3)...We have assumed control (x3)"
02:17 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Shuffle Your Feet"
02:19 ID "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation (x3)...We have assumed control (x3)"
02:20 KPH - "Coming In Hot" (Instrumental)
02:23 Steve Miller Band - "The Joker"
02:27 ID "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation (x3)...We have assumed control (x3)"
02:28 Beach Boys - "Good Vibrations" with voiceovers from the DJ

Thanks for the show!

Strong QRN here, but some slight punches through it all.  S2 or so into Houston, TX

01:15 R.E.M. - Bang and Blame

I'm hearing something about "This is AI Donald Trump" and talk about Trump's insufficient genitalia, the stupidity of his supporters, etc. Started off with mentions of January 6, threats to democracy, etc.

Probably the best signal I've ever received from Wolverine Radio. Thanks for the show!

S4 into East Texas.

Love the Kraftwerk

Solid S9 into Texas tonight. Punching through the noise with good audio.

03:30 - The Wizard - Black Sabbath

Zeek is making the trip into Houston pretty nicely tonight, but this CW QRM is ruining everything.

I caught the QRM'er sending SOS a couple times, too.

Looks like he's let up some, so:

01:11 - Carly Simon - You're So Vain and announcements

Good signal, S4-S5, punching through the static here into SE Texas

00:23 - The Wanerer by Dion
00:24 - ID and into Blue Bayou - Linda Ronstadt

Just able to punch through local QRN

00:56 - Tom Sawyer - Rush.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: UNID 6185 AM 0520 UTC 11 Sept 2022
« on: September 11, 2022, 0542 UTC »
This is Radio Educación, XEPPM, from Mexico City. Not a pirate, but still a pretty cool station.

Reception gradually improved as the sun went down here in Houston. Thanks for the show, Wolverine!

A little static and QSB into Houston tonight, but nothing X-FM can't handle.

As usual, not just receivable and listenable, but enjoyable. Thanks, Redhat!

Interesting choice of frequency. All I hear right now is Rebelde booming in from across the gulf of Mexico.

S7 into Houston. Great signal. Thanks for the show!

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